Sunday All Day Buffet

Eat as much as you like

For only £14.95 adult and £8.95 children under 11 years.

Lunch 12-3pm evening 5.30 - 11pm

Tuesday - Darjeeling Night

Choose any item from the menu, 5 course meal for only £14.95

King prawns and Rani’s dishes £5.00 extra.


Established since 1987

A female owned establishment with a team of chefs cooking under the supervision of a popular female chef.

We only use natural and the freshest of ingredients. We do not use any artificial flavouring or colouring please note: we can deduct some ingredients from our dishes on request. please note: some ingredients may contain Nuts and dairy products, please seek advise before dining if you have allergies. please inform the management if you have any allergies as we cannot rule out traces of nuts or dairy products in any of our dishes.

We also specialise in outside catering, private parties, corporate events, Corporate darjeeling tea conferences, business lunches and charity events ( we will pay 20% of the total bill towards a chosen charity of your choice, minimum 50 person)

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